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Syntax: '''~setdrugalias [drugname] [altname]'''
Syntax: '''~setdrugalias [drugname] [altname]'''

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This document describes how staff members can edit our Factsheets, which provides a database of concise drug information - upon which our IRC-based ~drug information is built, along with our web-based factsheets and its associated API.

Web Editing

Factsheet information can be edited live on the tripbot web interface on the specific factsheet pages after logging in - simply click 'edit.' Currently this does not support modifying aliases, adding properties or creating new drugs. These features are soon to come.


Factsheets can also be edited through IRC.


Set a property of a drug.

Syntax: ~setdrug [drugname] [fieldname] [Content here]

Standard fields are generally: onset, duration, after-effects, effects, wiki, summary, categories and avoid. However, for certain drugs custom fields may be added. Wiki is a link to our own TripSit Wiki page on the subject.


The dosage field currently requires a bit of a strict syntax. Information for different ROAs e.g. 2cb is done like so:

~setdrug 2cb dose Oral Light: 5-15mg Common: 15-30mg Strong: 30-50mg Heavy: 50mg+ | Insufflated/Plugged Light: 5-10mg Common: 10-20mg Strong: 20-30mg Heavy: 30mg+

ROAs are separated with the pipe symbol, starting each with the ROACommon abbreviation for Route Of Administration, used to describe the various different methods of ingesting drugs, including oral, insufflation, sublingual/buccal, rectal, vaginal, intramuscular (IM) and intravenous (IV) injection. name and then each level followed by a colon e.g. Light: is important. You can check that the data has been picked up correctly by testing if the 'formatted_dose' property exists under e.g.


Remove a drug or a property of a drug.

Syntax: ~rmdrug [drugname] ([fieldname])

Field name is optional, and if called without one the entire entry for the drug will be removed.


This gives a drug a category.

Syntax: ~setdrugcategory [drugname] [category]

Currently accepted categories are: psychedelic, dissociative, stimulant, depressant, opioid, benzodiazepine, other.


Remove drug category.

Syntax: ~rmdrugcategory [drugname] [category]


This sets an alias of a drug.

Syntax: ~setdrugalias [drugname] [altname]

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