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File:dom_blotter.jpg| ''5mg of DOM on blotter paper, US quarter for size comparison''
File:dom_blotter.jpg| ''5mg of DOM on blotter paper, US quarter for size comparison''
File:dom_strip.jpg| ''5 blotters of DOM''
File:Dom_powder.jpg| ''DOM in powder form''
File:Dom_powder.jpg| ''DOM in powder form''

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General Description

DOM is a psychdelic substituted amphetamine with effects similar to LSD. It has a slow come up, and an extremely long duration.


DOM first saw human use in 1967, when tablets sold under the street name 'STP' started to become popular in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco. These tabs contained an excessively high dose in the range of 15 to 20mg. This, combined with the long onset of the drug, led to numerous non-fatal overdoses.


Threshold: .5-1mg

Light: 1-2mg

Common: 2-6mg

Strong: 6-10mg

Heavy: 8-12mg

LD50The dosage of a substance at which 50% of the exposed subjects does not survive. To estimate the LD50 for humans, tests are conducted on non-human subjects. (Lethal dose for 50% of tested group): 18mg per kilogram


Note: This is a very dose dependent substance, with higher doses yielding longer, more intense results.

Total Duration: 8-18 hours (Depending on dosage)

First effects: 1-2 hours

Coming up: 1-2 hours

Peak: 2-3 hours

Plateau: 4-6 hours

Coming down: 4-12 hours

Normal after effects: 4-16 hours

Important Substance Information

DOM has a very long comeup and very long duration, redosing is not recommended for these reasons




DOM is schedule I in the UK, making it illegal to buy, sell, or possess without a license.


DOM is Schedule I in the United States. This means it is illegal to manufacture, buy, possess, or distribute (sell, trade or give) without a DEA license.

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