This Australian tree is a relative of sandalwood

(Santalum album 1.; cf. incense). The Aborigines

of Lake Boga use the bark as a narcotic. From it,

they produce an inebriating drink known as

cootha (Bock 1994, 108*). The bark of the trunk

contains 0.21% alkaloids, which have strong toxic

effects above a certain dosage (2g/kg) (Collins et

al. 1990,65, 128*).

The leaves and wood of gumamu, the closely

related species Santalum lanceolatum R. Br., were

used by the Bardi during healing rituals as a

medicinal incense (Lands 1987, 17). It is said that

this treatment was «too strong" for children; this

incense may be psychoactive. Alkaloids have been

found in the leaves, trunk wood, and bark (Collins

et al. 1990,65*).

Lands, Merrilee, ed. 1987. Mayi: Some bush fruits of

Dampierland. Broome, Australia: Magabala Books.

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